Floor Coatings

More than ever, today's work environment requires a floor that is properly designed and properly installed. As one of the Minnesota’s largest Industrial Flooring Contractors, Steinbrecher Painting Contractors is a leader in coating and installing Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings. We work with honesty and integrity to consistently meet our clients high standards and expectations.

Our floor coating craftsmen aim to provide a clean, safe and attractive work environment for your facility with minimal disruption to your employees or workplace.

As an industrial painting company we are often called upon by the facility managers to conduct preventive maintenance and repair of their warehouse or industrial facility. Warehouse and industrial Facilities are often subjected to high traffic and abuse from man and machines exposing warehouse floors to damage from spillage, mechanical and human traffic that can damage the floor coatings.

Other Industries We Provide Painting Services to include:
Manufacturing Plants
Water Treatment
Industrial Plants
Power & Utility
Food Service

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Assembly Area @ Bois Forte Government Center

Corridors @ Lakewood Language Arts School

The DECC Arena, PDCA Award Project

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